May 7th - Aug. 20th
Company coming & nowhere for them to stay?
Consider WESTERN Bed & Breakfast at Elgin Hall or call 519.661.3476


June 6th - 17th
Campus Meal Plan Five Free Coffee Card Promotion or call 519.661.3957

June 9th
Team Western BBQ
in support of the MS Bike Tour
UCC Concrete Beach
from 11 am - 1 pm

June 15th
Windermere Manor's Motivational Speaker Series
Keynote Speaker: Andrew Schiestel or 519.858.1414 Ext. 430

June 19th
Father's Day BBQ at Windermere Manor or 519.858.1414 Ext. 430


July 5th
STAR Party at Windermere Manor - BBQ Dinner, Star Talk & Star Gazing or 519.858.1414 Ext. 430

July 12th - 16th
The Book Store's Summer Sidewalk Sale
Join us on the Concrete Beach for sizzling savings & great prizes! or 519.661.3520

July 22nd
Ultimate Friday Tribute Night at Windermere Manor
Tribute to Bob Seger or 519.858.1414 Ext. 430


August 16th
Ultimate Tribute Night at Windermere Manor
Tribute to Elvis or 519.858.1414 Ext. 430

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Gitta’s Message

Gitta Kulczycki, Vice-President, Resources & Operations,

Gitta Kulczyki, Vice President of Resources and Operations

Dear Colleagues in the Resources & Operations portfolio:

Just when I was worried that we needed to convene a crew to build an Ark ... the sun has finally found us!! And with some warmth to add to it - well surely summer is around the corner.

Once again, it's been a busy year. May marks the month when I prepare my annual report for the President which includes a summation of all the key outcomes we've delivered as a portfolio in the year. As I gathered that together from our senior leaders, I was struck by just how much we've accomplished. Here's but a tiny sample: planning for and attaining Board approval of a significant residence expansion on the Althouse site, negotiating several collective agreements, training associated with Bill 168 (workplace harassment and violence), training and communications initiatives in mental health awareness, Campus Master Plans for the Westminster site and the new Advanced Manufacturing Park, significant progress on many capital projects including the pending completion of Phase 1 of Ivey,

  two-thirds of the VFA audit of buildings completed, developing and getting approval for the next 4-year plan, updating our investment policy, commencing with the Education Advisory Board Spend Collaborative, implementing HST, many developments on the sustainability front, consistent 1st place Globe and Mail rankings in several areas that fall within our portfolio, named Canadian Campus Bookseller of the Year, achieving PCI compliance (becoming the first university in Canada to do so) ...oh and an incredibly successful hosting of the Special Olympics Canada Summer Games last June. What an amazing list ... accomplished by all of you. I am so grateful for what each and every one of you contributes to Western.

During May, a couple of colleagues and I had the opportunity to attend a session hosted by the Council of Ontario Universities called the Innovative Ideas Forum. In fact, we had the opportunity to present one of our projects undertaken in Finance: the Procure to Pay process improvement project. There were quite a number of organizations who presented - from government, from healthcare, from a municipality and from universities. What really stood out for me was the fact that almost every idea presented, we've done here at Western (and in some cases have been doing for a long time)! I realized we take for granted all those innovations we pursue - it's the way we do business and that's a good thing. But it served as a good reminder of the need to take stock of all those improvements so we remember to celebrate and to achieve greater awareness and recognition of the significant ongoing achievements in our portfolio, internally as well as externally. Let's apply for those awards; let's "get the light from under the bushel" for all to see!

I hope everyone has a chance for a good summer break and that Mother Nature is going to give us the weather ideal for pursuing our favourite summer pastimes. Enjoy!!

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